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Another beautiful brochure website from our creative website design team. Our website developers really are magical! This brochure website was commissioned by KD Hawes flooring. As you can see, we kept a fairly neutral, grey coloured trim for this website design. This is due to that fact that we didn’t want to distract the user from the images on the main body of the site.

Click here to visit KD Hawes’ site and see it with your own eyes!

KD Hawes’ Brochure Website Below

Brochure Website / Website Design

Like all brochure websites, no products or transactions are available on this site. Instead, the user must contact the business directly to arrange any services or purchases. A brochure website is key for maintaining a consistent, credible image online. As well as this, a brochure website is great for your online presence! Thinking about getting your own brochure website? Feel free to contact us at any time! This is just one of our many sites, click here to check out the rest of our portfolio!

More brochure website designs by MoodeyIT

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CMS Web Design
This is content managed brochure website design commissioned by Barefoot Marketing. The purpose of this site is to inform & not sell, there are no shop sections on the site. Instead, users must contact them to arrange the price and service. Check it out for yourself!
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Brochure Website Design
We made this site for Road Safety GB to raise awareness of dangers on the road. As well as this, this site is only a brochure website. A brochure website is an online business card in a simple sense. Whilst only operating to raise awareness, a brochure website it key to maintaining a consistent online presence. Why not check it out for yourself?
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Business Website Design
Firstly, SSL Post is a business to business company that specialises in online payslips. We decided to go for a natural nature theme to give off a relaxing feel. However, we did this to also signify the amount of resources saved by not printing out physical payslips. Why not check it out for yourself?
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Totternhoe Council Website Design
This website development was created so that this Council could add and edit the content themselves.
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Hog Roast Web Design
Firstly, this is a design commissioned by VIP Hog roasts as a brochure website. VIP Hog roasts did this in order to advertise and raise awareness of their business. Also, a brochure site is great for keeping brand consistency and an online presence. Check out the site for yourself!
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Brochure Site Design
This is a brochure site made to raise awareness of a business focused on trekking in Morocco. We went for a natural, beige/brown trim to compliment the feel of the Moroccan landscape. Click and check it out!
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Brochure Web Design
This is a website design commissioned by Custom Chair Covers as a brochure website. This has helped them gain legitimacy online, as well as maintain a consistent brand image. Why not check out this website for yourself?
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Brochure Websites / Brochure Website Design
Once more, another brilliant brochure website from our wonderful website designers. Brochure websites are also key to maintaining business credibility. As well as this, brochure websites are also great for maintaining a presence online. Don't take out word for it, click here to check out this website design!
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Brochure Website / Website Design
Interested in brochure websites? Check out another one of our site designs, this time for KD Hawes, a flooring specialist. As they say, pictures paint a thousand words. Why not click and see our sites with your own eyes?
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