Golfing Society Website Design

An ideal solution for any golfing society website. Maintain and publish information about your golfing society’s members, fixtures, tournaments and much more.

Your golfing society Members have the ability to request for fixtures, tournaments or any other tee off via email or post directly to the match manager.

The Administrators or Secretary has the ability to add, change and edit all information on the golfing society website.

We can customise the golfing society website specifically for your individual/ group needs.

Call us today to discuss your golfing society website requirements on 01525 211 803, we would be happy to provide a free no obligation quotation.

Key features of our golfing society website solution are:

Username and password access

All members can have a username and password to enter the site. We recognize privacy is paramount.

Manage the content of the golfing society website yourself

Administrators of the website can add, edit and delete text and information throughout the website.  The Golfing Society Website is  a content managed website run by the society, which means that all content can be updated all the time so that the website never gets out of date.

Email members/ match managers directly from the web site

This allows you to communicate with all members, match managers and society offices from within the site. We can create templates for letters, match applications or other regular correspondence with your society members.

Member’s listings

Member list is always up to date. Members can even be grouped into geographical areas to assist with local events.


Dates, Opponents, Golf courses and match manager details all at a click.

Match results

Won or lost the scores are there for all to share.

Administration portals

A secure administration portal created for the secretary to ensure that your golfing society’s web site is up to date with all the latest information.

Notice boards

Allowing members to be immediately informed of changes, celebrations or commiserations.

Photo galleries

A picture says a thousand words. Your photo gallery can be grouped into categories for different events.

Our team would be delighted to work with you to customise a web site for your golfing society.  Please call us today on 01525 211803 or complete our form and we will contact you.