Seeking Search Engine Optimisation to grow your business? Today, business growth is more important than ever. Without business growth, your business will not move forwards at all. These days, nobody has time to sit around and wait for the grass to grow. Time is money, right?

In order to grow your business, finding more customers is essential, as more customers mean more sales. Picture this, there’s a shop on the highstreet and a shop in a dark back alley. Which shop is going to get more business? The one customers easily see first. A website that is not optimised for search engines is akin to having a shop in a back alley… Nobody will find you!

In order to increase customers and potential sales, your business needs exposure in as many places as possible. Our Search Engine Optimisation services will help you get the exposure your website needs to attract more customers. Once again, more customers means more sales!  SEO/Search Engine Optimisation helps users find your website through relevant keywords. This helps narrow down users and finds the right customers that are looking for your product, service or business.

Needless to say, this will increase the quantity & quality of sales. In this day and age, having a site without relevant Search Engine Optimisation is like setting up shop in the middle of the ocean. Or owning a store without a door… Customers need a way to find and get into your site, and we can build it!


Target Market & Competitor Analysis

We analyse our client’s target market in order to easily understand how to optimise their site efficiently. Not only this, but we tailor our optimisation in the best possible way to suit our client. We’ll also do a competitor analysis for our clients, too.

This is so we can better our understanding of who our clients are up against. Both of these full analytical services are essential. Such tools better our understanding when building and optimising our wonderful website designs. We pass on these terrific tips & tools for our customers and future clients.

SEO Friendly Content Managed Websites

All of the SEO friendly, Content Managed Websites made by our website developers have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools. These tools allow the user comprehensive control over the Search Engine Optimisation of each page on your website.

Each CMS website features Search Engine Optimisation tools. Such tools ensure your website pages are correctly written and efficiently optimised for search engines. There is no need for any advanced SEO skills, our Content Management System will help guide you all the way!

Better Content & Analysis

Using snippet previews, you can witness the rendering of your page from the eyes of the search engine listings. With our content management websites, you will be gently guided to optimising your content to perfection. Featuring indicators such as ideal title to  description length. Further includes keyword density and any other Search Engine Optimisation tips and tricks to watch out for! You don’t need to be an SEO specialist, our tool will help your page climb the rankings on search engines for organic searches.

Our CMS page analysis will indicate whether or not you have the right balance of keywords. Further guiding you to ensure your site content is correctly optimised with utmost care. This tool will make sure that Google and all other search engines fall in love with your site content!


Our team of SEO experts will provide search engine optimisation services and maintenance. Be discovered with ease! Not only this, but our SEO services can help you or your business get ahead of your competitors.

Our team of SEO experts work hard to understand your business model. This is in order to build keyword campaigns that will drive more prospects to your website. As previously stated, Search Engine Optimisation will bring you more customers. As well as more customers, good SEOing also helps to create brand recognition.

This is essential for enhancing the credibility, legitimacy and consistency of your business. How many times have you heard “I searched for that business but I couldn’t find it”?

With our SEO services, you won’t need to worry about hearing that when people search for you! Move on up to the high street with Moodey IT… Get your website found now, find more customers and get better business. To find out more, feel free to contact us on 01525 211803 or click here


Article Writing & Submission

As is apparent in day to day life, writing has to be compelling and inspiring, lest you lose the readers’ interest! Article writing and submission is no different.  Well written and sensibly structured articles generate traffic to your website. When done the right way, they can generate consistent, recurring traffic to your website. Offering an appreciated article or valued writing to the community is a good, sought-after service. 

As well as this, the search engines love it! Relatable, relevant content that serves a purpose is also encouraged by search engines. Writing compelling content is a time-consuming task, requiring writing skills and style. As well as possessing the relevant knowledge on the topic that you’re writing about. Anyone can write content but it takes a real specialist to get results.

We have the select skills required to create high quality, appropriate articles that are search engine friendly.  Search engine algorithms have changed over time and our top team of article writers make sure to change with it. After all, it is easier to ride the wave to shore than to swim against it!  Making sure the articles we write are of good quality, relevant and search engine optimised is part of this change.

We make sure that the only articles we post are relevant to the websites. This in turn generates relevant targeted traffic to your site. Our goal is to post amazing, well-articulated articles to websites offering high quality services to customers and the community! Why not contact us today on 01582 227388, or click here to visit our contact us page. 

Our website designs offer all these features & so much more! 

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