When you are considering purchasing a new website it is useful to approach a website designer with some knowledge of what you require.

We have put together a guide below which should help you in identifying some key aspects which will be useful when approaching us to build your new website:

  • What is the purpose of your website e.g. online shop, web presence?
  • What domain names do you want to register and for how many years would you like to purchase them for?
  • Who would you like to use for hosting and will the hosting package be suitable for your website requirements?
  • Do you have a logo or did you want one to be designed?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Would you like email addresses and if so, which ones?
  • How many pages do you require and what information do you want on them?
  • Will you supply the text or should our copywriter create it for you?
  • Will you be supplying the photography or should we purchase it on your behalf?
  • What online marketing strategy do you have in mind? e.g. search engine optimisation, ad words etc
  • How beneficial will it be to edit your own website?
  • Look at a few websites and see what types of design you like and whether it appeal to your target market?
  • Look at your competitors’ websites, get ideas from them.
  • Consider a maintenance plan for browser tests, back up etc
PORTFOLIO  Take a look
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CMS Web Design
This is content managed brochure website design commissioned by Barefoot Marketing. The purpose of this site is to inform & not sell, there are no shop sections on the site. Instead, users must contact them to arrange the price and service. Check it out for yourself!
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CMS Website Design
CMS Website designs tailored to suit your business and its specifications. This example showcases a content managed eCommerce website called Umbrella Heaven. Click here and see more!
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Brochure Website Design
We made this site for Road Safety GB to raise awareness of dangers on the road. As well as this, this site is only a brochure website. A brochure website is an online business card in a simple sense. Whilst only operating to raise awareness, a brochure website it key to maintaining a consistent online presence. Why not check it out for yourself?
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Massage Content Managed Website
Firstly, this is a content managed website commissioned by Qi Massage. Not only this, but this CMS website also operates as an e-commerce website! Check it out for yourself!
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Holiday Booking Online Shop
Our yacht charter website design came out looking lovely, if we may say so our self! Features stunning and captivating shots of nature throughout to give the site a natural and relaxed feel. Don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself!
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Outdoor Shop Website Design
Another example of one of our website designs. CaveInnovations supply innovative outdoor products worldwide. We loved the natural but also official look we achieved with this site design. Why not see it with your own eyes?
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Furniture Online Website Development
A great example of how versatile our website developers are. Moebel is a completely German furniture site. They asked and we delivered... in German! We love the colour scheme on this site. A smooth dark grey with a vibrant orange trim to give the site a smooth, clean look with an eye catching element. Check it out for yourself!
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Online Shop Designer
Here we have another one of our eCommerce site designs. This time for an umbrella company that sells hands free umbrellas for buggies/prams. Furthermore, to appeal to the target audience of mothers and kids, we went for a pink colour scheme. Cliché, but effective nonetheless.
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Business Website Design
Firstly, SSL Post is a business to business company that specialises in online payslips. We decided to go for a natural nature theme to give off a relaxing feel. However, we did this to also signify the amount of resources saved by not printing out physical payslips. Why not check it out for yourself?
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Totternhoe Council Website Design
This website development was created so that this Council could add and edit the content themselves.
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Hog Roast Web Design
Firstly, this is a design commissioned by VIP Hog roasts as a brochure website. VIP Hog roasts did this in order to advertise and raise awareness of their business. Also, a brochure site is great for keeping brand consistency and an online presence. Check out the site for yourself!
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Brochure Site Design
This is a brochure site made to raise awareness of a business focused on trekking in Morocco. We went for a natural, beige/brown trim to compliment the feel of the Moroccan landscape. Click and check it out!
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Brochure Websites / Brochure Website Design
Once more, another brilliant brochure website from our wonderful website designers. Brochure websites are also key to maintaining business credibility. As well as this, brochure websites are also great for maintaining a presence online. Don't take out word for it, click here to check out this website design!
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Brochure Website / Website Design
Interested in brochure websites? Check out another one of our site designs, this time for KD Hawes, a flooring specialist. As they say, pictures paint a thousand words. Why not click and see our sites with your own eyes?
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Lighting Shop Site Design
Showcasing our lovely lighting shop site design! Prewer & Osborn are a lighting based company in Bedfordshire who asked us to make them a site. Lastly, we used a clear, open design to give a flair of renovation and precision. Suitable for a light fitting company!
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Online Wine Shop Web Design
Another example of our website design. Whilst this site is a little dated, we still believe that we did a good job. Considering how far the digital revolution has come, it doesn't look too messy! Lastly, why not check out this website for yourself? Does it stand the test of time?
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Swimwear eCommerce Web Design
Swimwear2Fit is a fully content managed eCommerce website. Designed for a ladies only swimwear and swimwear accessory seller. We decided to use a strong blue theme for this site to represent water. Why not click and check it out for yourself?