Website Browser Testing

When a website is first designed the website designer will do browser testing to ensure that your website has the same look and functionality across all browsers, browser versions and computer operating systems. Over time browsers need to be updated to make them faster, more secure,  offer better performance and more customisable.

These patches and updates may effect the look and functionality of your website.

What experience are users having on your website?

Problems your website may have if regular browser tests are not done:

  • Text layouts may change
  • Navigation functions may not work
  • Design changes
  • Alignment problems
  • Line spacing differences
  • Different fonts are used
  • Text sizes may vary
  • Checkout processes may not work

These are just a few of the problems your potential customers may experience on your website.

We can test your website across multiple browsers  to see how the updates and patches have effected your website. Then we will do essential maintenance ensuring that all visitors to your site get a good impression.

We offer maintenance contracts that help with regular testing. Please contact us for details. Alternatively we can run browser tests on request.

We have put together a list of things to consider when looking for a new website designTake a look at our website guide, click here.

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